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The name of the project is derived from the old name of the city – Maku- where this villa is located in. Maku as a border city in northwest of Iran, has differentiated climatic qualities like heavy snows, rainy days and green plains around. Formation of the concept was the result of a challenge between the client and the architects; The commission was to create a distinctive family retreat on Qare Khach slopes, and to consider providing spectacular views over natural sceneries around. So we initiated dialogue about the skyline and re-defined gable roof by deconstructing stereotypes. The dynamic soaring skyline caused an iconic form and diverse views to the building while providing potentials for designing the landscape and interior spaces. The project is located on the slopes which enjoys a great view to Mount Ararat and the whole city.It is comprised of a 150-square-meter building and 150 –square-meter terraces. Stretched terraces, one protected by roof and the other held by 3 slender columns are completed by frameless glass railing to maximize transparency. A cantilevered glass deck is also added to landscape. View more View full description
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