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Site and BuildingThis project is located in Baoshan district, Shanghai. The project site is at a long and narrow triangular site formed by two urban roads intersecting each other at a 70-degree angle, with functions of a city exhibition center and community public facilities. At the city level, our concerns are how to effectively make the building fit to the site, form an attractive image toward the city. create a main entrance of the community, guide the traffic flow, therefore archive a multi-layer public space and vivid image of urban life. Function Organization and Spatial SequenceThis design includes two main axes, with the north-south one forming the entrance to the community and the east-west one defining the main interior space. Three grey spaces from the west to east are an open water courtyard at the street corner, a bamboo courtyard with a large canopy at the entrance and a "floating" courtyard at the end. View more View full description
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