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Nusang-dong is located in the western part of Gyeongbokgung Palace, built in the old Joseon Dynasty. This is a district commonly known as Seocheon. There must have been a pavilion(‘Nu’) there, since the name means ‘an area above pavilion.’ The thick rocks of Inwang mountain support the village like bolsters. Famous poet named Yoon, Dong-ju and a painter Lee Jung-seop lived here. They may have lived here briefly, but nevertheless it is a piece of history which the local Jongno-gu Office is eager to promote. A young couple came to us to build a house in this area. Mother in law was helping to raise their child because the couple both worked. In Korea, three generations often live together for child- care, which means the key to design is to secure each generations’ independence. We separated each generation by a vertical split and set separate entries for each, then created a shared space in-between. This scheme caused friction with the administration office since they insisted that the house should be interpreted as a multiplex house, not a single house. (Eventually solved by numerous visits). View more View full description
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