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The PlaceCosta Esmeralda is a private enterprise on the dunes of the Buenos Aires coast, located 390 km from Buenos Aires. It is a recent urbanization with a young afforestation of acacia trees and maritime pines and some sectors of consolidated forest. The site, with an extensive forty-five-meter front, belongs to the latter sector, so that the house had to incorporate this privileged landscape, while at the same time protecting its privacy towards the street. It was also necessary to consider that the dune it is part of has a slope of almost two meters overlooking the front and that, although its surroundings have a dense grove of trees, the land is only partiallycovered with species. The CommissionThe commission was a house of no more than 150 sqm, with an aesthetic-constructive proposal similar to the other houses built in the area by the studio, valued according to the clients both for their spatial richness and for the low maintenance required. It had to have a generous meeting space, a visually integrated kitchen, two bedrooms (one with private bathroom) and an integrated living space to be used as an audio and video room and, eventually, as a guest bedroom. It should also have a grill and an expansion terrace. View more View full description
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