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Trutheholeis one of the 23 art installations participating in Annecy Paysage, a festival organized by the cultural center Bonlieu Scène Nationale d'Annecy, held in the French town from 30 June to 2 September 2018. Truthehole is as a human scale camera, in which people can enter. Inside, through the optical principle of camera obscura, visitors can see projections of what surrounds the installation – in this case a beautiful park, the lake of Annecy, the mountains of the Haute Savoie; these projections, generated by two pinholes oriented in different directions, represent a living and dynamic image of reality,consisting of a beam of photons that continuously connects the observer to reality. In order to achieve complete darkness and, consequently, more vivid projections, all the internal surfaces are black, except for the white panels arranged to bring out the most interesting parts of the projections. In fact anyone who enters equipped with a white sheet can intercept the projection in the position and with the inclination that he prefers, testing different effects and possibly tracing the images captured in this way, similarly to what painters like Canaletto did in the past in order to paint buildings and landscapes. View more View full description
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