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The Landmark East Offices is a 1,184,040 SF /110,000 SM twin-tower development located in the Kwun Tong area of Hong Kong.  The towers floor plates vary in size between the towers, providing maximum flexibility for leasing.  Tower 1 comprises 43 office levels. The average floor plate size is 13,455 SF / 1,250 SM providing a total floor area of 484,376 SF / 45,000 SM.  Tower 2 comprises 40 office levels.  There are two principal floor plate sizes, 24,757 SF / 2,300 SM in the low zone and 17,222 SF / 1,600 SM in the mid and high zones, providing a total floor area of 699,654 SF / 65,000 SM. Derived from the long narrow site, the rectilinear slab towers are formed into a dynamic composition of slim, interlocking planes, slanted at varying angles to create a sense of movement and play.  The cores and floor zones are arranged to maximize harbor views.  The broad south elevations combined with the intersecting volumes provide valuable office space and corner units maximizing harbor exposure at the upper levels. View more View full description
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