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The design team was challenged to meld the building’s industrial, machine-age warehouse aesthetic with the beautiful, hand-crafted copper and stainless steel Vendome distillation equipment and the technical art of the distilling process with a sense of history and the client’s personal, family legacy. The design of Old Dominick Distillery revolved around themes of character, quality, craft, authenticity, friendship, and community, and fully engaged the design team in the nuanced complexities of making fine Tennessee whiskey. Incorporating the existing warehouse structure, steel windows, and central light well, as well as other “found” materials such as remnant stays from oak aging barrels, made the most of building construction dollars and lessened environmental impact. And the building rooftop sign, designed as part of the project, has become an immediately recognizable icon, a neighborhood totem and beacon to all who care to “Share A Sip” of Memphis. View more View full description
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