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The scope of this project consisted in the conception of an industrial facility for EDP, a global energy company, to act as a base for the observation and control of a dam in case of emergency. Located in Ermida, in Portugal’s midlands, this area is defined by a beautiful course of water and is surrounded by a large forest. The building needed to stay in an elevated location, protected from floods and allowing a perfect view from its interior to the dam. This made it necessary to intervene in the landscape, resulting in an elevated level platform and vehicle access leading to the entrance of the building. Designing an industrial building in a forest area, with occasional traditional constructions with pitched roofs in the surroundings, allowed me to think about how a contemporary industrial building might fit into this landscape. How could this building avoid being just another contemporary ‘box’? Could a contemporary building interpret, in a modern way, the traditional constructions visible in its surroundings? View more View full description
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