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Sharing your shelf is, in a way, sharing yourself. Every element —from the titles you choose to the way you organize them— says something about your personality and your interests.  Who wouldn't want to cozy up in a library filled with dusty books and lush plants? But these images typically present bookcases just as a decorative element, superfluous to the actual design of the space. Like many things, when architects take on the design of bookcases they can become so much more: recessed and hidden, cantilevered, patterned, embedded...the list goes on! We've rounded up some of the finest examples of bookcases that combine practicality with ingenuity Maria Carolina / Sub Estúdio + Pedro Ivo Freire + Flávia Torres Casa DL / URBAstudios CZ7 Loft / 5ft2 Studio Greville Road Studio / Syte Architects View more View full description
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