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With the aim of supporting architects to become active agents of sustainable design, this week we present a selection of facades that incorporate different recycled materials. Beyond the typical uses of plastic and glass, in this article, you will find innovative materials such as mattress springs, ice cream containers, plastic chairs, and recycled waste from agricultural and industrial products. A look at 21 remarkable projects using recycled materials to create an attractive facade. Naju Art Museum / Hyunje Joo   Recycled semi-transparent plastic baskets A flexible architectural element rather than a fixed element, this wall consists of 1,500 structural semi-transparent baskets. The surface minimizes the separation between the inside and outside, as light and silhouettes beyond the space show through. Over the course of the day, changes show on the surface of the wall due to the diffusion and reflection of the material. The passage of time is more actively sensed from both inside and outside, as these light effects stimulate our senses. When the building is demolished in 2 years, the baskets can be reused. View more View full description
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