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The site for this house posed several challenges to overcome. Firstly, it is located right at the junction of two busy 4-lane roads. And in addition to that, the overhead MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) viaduct for the East-West cross-island train is located just beyond one of these roads. There is constant noise coming from cars and the passing train. The front of the site, where the main gate is located, faces almost West. To keep out heat and glare from the low angle western sun, the 2 most visible facades cannot have too many see-through openings. Thus, in trying to shield the interior spaces from the traffic noise and the Western sun, the semi-detached house is “flipped” inwards by carving out large voids between the house and the party wall adjoining its neighbor. Natural light is directed down these voids, some of which stretch over the entire 4 stories of the house. All the bedrooms on the upper floors are buffered from the road noise by a common corridor and their windows open into the air-well voids for natural daylight (indirect) and ventilation. View more View full description
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