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The site is located along the Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya in Northern Norway. Characteristic for the site is the rock formation of “Bukkekjerka” between the road and the sea; a protected Sami cultural monument where nature has carved out an altar and a pulpit. Over the last 50-60 years, this has been the venue of an annual open-air church service that attracts people from all over the district. In pre-Christian time this was a sacred site, where Sami people made offerings, to which the sacrificial cave on the seaside bears witness. When we first came to the site we were struck by the beauty of the place, and by its diversity; a dramatic landscape where the fierce North Sea meets the shore and later steep mountains, Sami tales and monuments connected to different parts of the land, remnants of the old fishing community Børvågen, the old lighthouses towards east, and consecrated ground and unique geological formations to the south – all surrounding the rock formation known as “Bukkekjerka” - or “Bohkegeargi” in Sami. View more View full description
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