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1939, Pablo Picasso painted a surrealism and cubism work, Women’s head. In 2017, digital artist Omar Aqil transformed it into three-dimensional and redesigned it into installation art work, the interesting thing about this crossover is that the core of surrealism and cubism lies in the breakthrough of logical and orderly theory of present, emphasizing the instinct, the subconscious, the memory, exploring and believing that ‘absolute reality is the true consciousness beyond fact.’ Hundreds of years later, this untouchable image has been recreated in three-dimensional and physically present to audience. The complete representational form, material and even texture are frolicking in the form of a contemporary way to remind people that reality is hard to be detached. In childhood, I was curious that why almost all versions of map are made up of four colors, when I asked mother, she told me that four color pallets can compose any complex combination without the same color link. So, it seems to be a mathematical game. View more View full description
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