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This resort complex is located in Amami Oshima, TEKUTO’S chief architect Yasuhiro Yamashita’s birth place, the largest island of the Amami archipelago halfway between Okinawa and southern Kyushu. A subtropical island with 60 thousand residents, awaiting the UNESCO World Natural Heritage registration. Amami Airport has 44 flights coming in and out per day, enabling easy access. Its unique culture is renowned for its folk songs and dances, influenced by cultures of both the Ryukyu Dynasty of Okinawa and the Satsuma Domain which covered a large part of Kyushu during the Edo period (1603-1868.) Its forests are rich in flora and fauna such as dark-furred Amami rabbits and is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Sugarcane and fruit farming are its major industries along with traditional industries such as Oshima Tsumugi textile (silk kimono fabric dyed with iron rich mud) production. In spite of all its charm, one thing it lacked was accommodations for high-end travelers. View more View full description
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