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In 2017, the interior architecture exhibition CASACOR Minas occupied an important building that integrates the Architectural Complex of the Station Square, a region marked by the strong urban, cultural, political and gastronomic effervescence of the city. The place served as the headquarters of the defunct Federal Railways S / A (RFFSA) and is directly associated with the creation of Belo Horizonte. In recent years, the building has undergone a restoration process under the supervision of IPHAN for future house the facilities of the Railway Museum after more than a decade closed. Here, time ceases to agree with permanence and relates to ephemerality. A more radical model that takes shape: more experimental in a less determinant architecture, having the authorship of space design diluted among more than 50 professionals and students from the fields of architecture and design, participants in the digital manufacturing workshops and responsible for the furniture that inhabited the attic of the old federal railways HQ. By re-dimensioning their protagonism, architects become motivators of procedural constructions in which the field of action is no longer the exposition, but subjective and collective actions that rehearse experiences. View more View full description
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