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The space has taken shape after the land. Those who live their lives among the bustle of hundreds or thousands of people each day, come to this place in search of rest or healing. The spaces of Dada Pension, taking after the site, are made to be independent but unable to exist separately. Dada Pension, which has a somewhat complicated circulation between spaces, is planned so that people can escape from the city and find calm, separate themselves from other people, or connect with people who are similar to themselves. Muju Pension Dada is located in the center of the village that is located on the way to Muju Resort. The site is narrow, long and wide; it is crooked in an unusual shape and faces the road in a unique way. This type of thing makes the client, who purchased the land, uneasy. It is clear that if the building is not pushed into the long and narrow gap, a somewhat ragged-shaped parking space will make the building shabby and complicate the outside space. View more View full description
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