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In order to relieve congestion of traffic and to enhance new urban development of the “back side” of the old Hsinchu Train Station, the City decided to move the Bus Terminal to this new location on the back of the Station. With this, the small terminal needs to achieve two purposes: to establish an efficient and safe people/bus flow on the ground level, and to create a “billboard” architecture for the public to re-orient themselves around the station area. The two-story architectural concrete terminal building is simple and straightforward, with buses circling on the outer peripheral areas and people entering from the center, avoiding any conflicts between them. The “billboard” part of the building features lofty steel frameworks cladded with perforated aluminum panels. In the daytime, this gigantic billboard mainly shows its silver-metallic color on the outside; while in the evenings, the bright red color from inside reveals itself, giving the terminal a new urban energy and a sleek sight. View more View full description
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