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We were commisioned a master plan and the desing of all the infrastructure for a field at the foot of the mountain range in the town of Huelquen, Chile. Whosehillsides were planted with vineyards, and its flat part, of grass for fodder. The project sought to gather all the farm equipment and service area into a covered building in order to create an operational center for this agricultural business. Situated next to the access path, -right on the way to the upper fields, further up the mountain-, the project appears with all its power in front of the visitor, under a single narrow and extended roof. It gathers three fundamental units: the first includes office spaces and a dining room for workers; the second designed for machinery, tools and products; and a third one for horses. Two voids break through the building interrupting its almost 100 meter length, shaping two hallways that act as mediators between these three units, letting the view, the light and the wind go through the building from one side to the other. View more View full description
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