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The site is located at the junction of the old and new villages, north of Dongziguan affordable housing in Fuyang.The project, as a public venue for villagers' activities, takes the local regional culture as its unique background, and strives to create a “Vitality Source” for villagers to jointly build and share. The activity center has two floors. The first floor is open to the outside and the second floor is partially connected. It has the dual functions of weddings, funerals and villagers' spontaneous activities. The open space characteristics meet the functional requirements under different conditions, together with the life of the villagers and the continuous ups and downs of the roof to jointly build a "micro-small world under the big roof." Compared with the use of the majority of villagers' activity centers in the contemporary period that have lost their vigor due to long-term closure, this design hopes to continue the unique vitality of the village through open and lively space scenes. With a flowing spatial system, localized material language, and spontaneous construction methods, the tangible space carrier and intangible place spirit are merged into the construction logic of the space itself, injecting new vitality into the village. View more View full description
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