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As part of our 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale coverage, we present the completed Swiss Pavilion. To read the initial proposal, refer to our previously published post, "Swiss Pavilion at 2018 Venice Biennale Celebrates Peculiar Form of Architectural Representation." Honored by this year’s jury as the winner of the Golden Lion for best national participation, the Swiss Pavilion actively defies conventional representation while exploring a specific point of contact between architecture and society: the house tour. Curated by a team of Swiss architects including Alessandro Bosshard, Li Tavor, Matthew van der Ploeg and Ani Vihervaara, the installation is called Svizzera 240: House Tour and draws inspiration from interior photographs of unfinished apartments. Visitors circulate through a series of spaces that at first offer constructed views that make each new encounter look like a typical photograph of a brand new living space. But, as the visitor enters each new room—piercing the momentary illusion of the staged perspective and suddenly participating in the space rather than experiencing it merely as a visual composition—it quickly becomes apparent that the rooms and fittings are rendered at unexpected scale; the doors, windows and power outlets might be much larger or significantly smaller than expected given the lack of visual context. View more View full description
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