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Transparency is a core value of the organization that will occupy this office, and was therefore an important starting point for the design. The all-glass facade maximizes visibility and light penetration. The shape of the building follows in essence the existing building lines of the adjacent buildings, the façade jumps in and out where an exception is requested by program or function. The façade rim also detaches from the rest of the façade at specific points and provides canopies to limit sun exposure. On the corner of the intersection and the best view the second floor cantilevers to accentuate the corner. The same floor jumps back at the opposite side of the building to create a roof garden and mark the main entrance. The electricity for he entire building is generated by solar panels. The mossedum grass roof improves infiltration of rainwater. CO2-controlled zone air handling units and presence detectors for lighting ensure that no energy is wasted. The building will have an energy label A ++++ and performs 70% better in energy preservation than is required by building regulations. View more View full description
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