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A single story former delivery truck storage building in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn was converted into new retail space for street-ware design brand Supreme. The clear open volume is filled with natural light from square skylights, one centered in each bay subdividing the space.  Garage doors were replaced by a horizontal incision grafted into the brick façade containing a central pair of doors and a large piece of fixed glass serving as the storefront. To avoid alienating the brand's customer base, overt design features were suppressed in favor of the "almost nothing" approach. A new concrete slab was installed and ground down to remove any traces of its making. Missing or damaged timber joists were carefully chosen to blend in with existing ones. The perimeter masonry walls were cleaned of dirt but left as found to reveal pealing layers of colored plaster and paint. An unused masonry flue was removed to rid the space of irregularities. Once given this new neutralized background, the program elements were laid out to coincide with the existing structural bays; the first two for the public retail space, the next two for the free standing elevated skate bowl and the last as a private stock room. Intermingled uses between the public and private taking place below the staking bowl. View more View full description
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