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The scholar Wang Jing (1337-1408) rose to become an influential scholar under the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty due to his extraordinary intellectual abilities. He became a member of the Hanlin Academy and was involved in compiling the Yongle Encyclopedia (1408), the up-to-then most comprehensive summary of knowledge in china. The current village of Wang, where Wang Jing was born, decided to construct a new village center opposite the ancestral temple so as to remember the life of its famous forebear. The region’s historical trade route runs between the ancestral temple and the new building. Most of the old buildings in the village are made of rammed earth and have an internal wood structure that supports the roof. The rammed earth buildings are, however, in poor condition, and even the ancestral temple opposite the new building was on the verge of collapse before it was then renovated. View more View full description
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