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Designed by Henning Larsen and MSR Design, the New Public Service Building for the city of Minneapolis aims to consolidate several departments, currently found across multiple different sites, into one unified building. The scheme promotes the health and well-being of its 1,300 employees through maximizing daylight and green space throughout, integrating a significantly sustainable remit within the 385,000 square foot, 11 story proposal. Located diagonally across from the existing city hall, Henning Larsen brings a “knowledge-based Scandinavian design approach” to the high-performance office space, hoping to set a “new architectural agenda in North America." Elevating the main building and allowing for an open office on its first two levels, a transparent relationship is formed between the City and the people, punctuated in the creation of a large public space - described by the architects as 'an urban gesture.' Louis Becker, Henning Larsen’s Design Principal, stated that “it is our hope that this building will foster openness – literally and figuratively – in the meeting between citizens and public servants – by exposing administrative functions and offering easy, equal access to everyone, regardless of age, gender and social background." View more View full description
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