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Instead of the more expected glass structure, this innovative addition reimagines the conventional terraced-house extension, celebrating and elevating the humble brick. The brick’s inherent potential as a stackable module is maximized to create a more sculptural expression of the material. Using bricks reclaimed from the fabric of the house, the extension exploits the rights of a light diagram to create a staggered, extruded form that appears to melt away from the existing structure. This rhythmic stepping generated by the brick is echoed throughout the interior and is integrated into both the plan and section. Viewed from the terrace above, the form creates a striking silhouette – a feature rare in more straightforward additions. Inside, the domestic setting is dramatized by a considered sequencing of spaces – transforming the expansive ground floor into a journey through carefully designed ambiances. The standard layout has been flipped, with the kitchen taking its new place at the front of the house – an often underused, forgotten space. Here, the original features of the house are retained, emphasized by dark colors and material tones. Moving onward, the spaces unfold in a sequence from dark to light – intensifying the bright, voluminous feel of the addition. View more View full description
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