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UNStudio, in collaboration with Buro Happold Engineering, has won an international competition for the design of a new bridge spanning the River Danube in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Their scheme will serve as a blueprint for the "Galvani Bridge" connecting South Buda and Csepel, balancing graceful aesthetics with strong performance. The competition for the bridge was conceived with the goal of decreasing the 600,000-strong daily traffic load on existing bridges across the Danube by 40,000. As well as easing traffic congestion, the bridge is intended to embody a liveable, loveable, healthy image of 21st-century Budapest.  The UNStudio scheme comprises a 1640-foot-long (500-meter-long) two-pylon stayed girder bridge, combining a road, tram, pedestrian and cycle crossing. The proposal seeks to act as a gateway to the city, while not impinging on its environment. By avoiding overpass structures on the off-ramp, and the fixture of lighting along gates and piers, the scheme sits elegantly in the landscape while maintaining a human-friendly scale. View more View full description
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