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This house is the home of a couple with three children, a family with deep nostalgia for the countryside. It locates in an evergreen valley in Dongguan, China. The site is surrounded by mountain on three sides, the mouth of the valley looks to a forest of fruit trees, the hazy mountains sits as background far away. The house using light-wood construction, the building is made of modified wood, extremely durable in wet and humid conditions in Southern China. The entry point of this design is to define the relationship between Nature, Manmade nature and Artifact. The volume was divided into individual living units, surrounding a courtyard while defined by which as two groups. The building groups forms two interface of living platform which devides the land into three gardens. Life penetrates through these different layers. Bedrooms scattered in different places around the courtyard, serving as private spaces of each family member. These private rooms are connected by different public rooms, each having windows facing the south. Leading by two main public rooms—living room and dinning room, the private and public rooms forms two rows of volumes. Corners, shadows, alleys come from the shifting and scattering of different units. View more View full description
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