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The Pasqua House, in Fazenda da Boa Vista, Porto Feliz, has a ground floor plan, in an "L" shape, a totally permeable volume with direct access to the garden. These crossed volumes implantation takes advantage of the terrain and marks the difference between the social and intimate uses of the residence. The leaked element, which has become the trademark of the project, provides privacy without barring the landscape, and brings emotion throughout the day, as the passage of time is marked by the entrance of light, which arrives with different intensities and makes drawings of light and shade on the floor. The main access, discreet, is on the side, and is bordered by a wall of cobogos (made of precast concrete plates painted in white) that defines the subtle relationship between exterior and interior, with a delicate view of the mall and their flamboyant. The leafy boulevard of flamboyant, which seasonally tinged with intense red one side of the land, directed the implantation of the house. The lateral walls of the terrain were executed with local rustic stones that visually contrast the leaked elements and connect a semi-private space - an intermediate garden - with the social area fully exposed. View more View full description
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