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Background of the projectThe project is located in Pudong, Shanghai. It is the basement of a typical Shanghai old mansion in the 90's. It has all the typical features of Shanghai's “Old and Small”. In addition to the two mothers and sons, the owner has 40 cats and 2 dogs. Everyone is crowded together to live in this 48m2 ground floor space. The entire space is full of cages, and human space is backlogged by extreme limits. This has also caused The contradiction between mother and son arises. At the same time, due to the high density of human pets, the light is dim, and various smells are mixed together, making the air quality very poor, and the health conditions are very embarrassing. Schrödinger: Superposition of connection and separation between humans and petsIn the high density of human pets, the relationship between humans and pets is the focus of the overall design. The first is the reorganization of the overall functional zoning. The space between humans and pets interlocks with each other, forming two spatial systems of yin and yang. . The living room, the second bedroom and the master bedroom form a space for people to live in, and the corridor and the two cabins in the yard form a space for pets. The two spaces bite into one another. View more View full description
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