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What is it to be MAIS (plus) FITNESS? Understanding the charisma behind one existing brand is to comprehend that what defines it is the people. It is the will to belong to this “tribe” that makes the people to join and want to belong to this fitness community. From this concept comes the motto for this new gym in Torres Vedras, a middle size city in the West region of Portugal. Our main challenge was the creation of a spatial image identity for this and future MAIS FITNESS gyms. A tribe communicates by symbols and colors, and it was this language that we proposed to identify in order to affirm the identity of the MAIS FITNESS brand. The new gym was to be settle in an existing building, so much of the formal exercise was to accept the characteristics of the existing and when possible adapt and reformulate it, so as to make the most of the spatial qualities in behalf of what we intended to transform this gym into. View more View full description
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