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The stone wall that marked out the boundaries of the estate went around the whole site, revealing just the tops of the trees inside. The materiality and the irregularity of the geometry of the wall endowed it with a special character and presence, but the current regulations made it compulsory to extend the width of the street, so preserving the wall was impossible. Without the existing wall, the first and main challenge the project had to face was that of re-contextualizing the plot, building a new house able to offer a coherent, deferent, and honest response to its surroundings. Instead of placing the house in the middle of the garden, the project proposes surrounding it: a house that functions as a fence.   A house-wall permits recovering the urban continuity and also experimenting with a new, very elongated type, everything in one level, adapted to the topography and to the new geometry of the street. View more View full description
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