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Located in a residential area in West Jakarta, the project is not supposed to be created as a “pompous”, “arrogant” or "heavy" building. The main solution came by asking and persuading the client about the true needs the house should deal with. With clients who were enthusiastic and collaborated with an intense and constant communication, the value of understanding the need of space is fulfilled. Since breaking down the building into several main masses was not enough to prevent the building to become a heavy block, we use horizontal clear lines to break the scale.  A home filled with the warmth of family relationships is the essence of thinking in this 1800 sqm dwelling set. The challenge of designing a spacious dwelling is to make the family members always feel close and comfortable. This is a special concept that we offer as architects through design solutions. This residence becomes special because it is not visible from the outside, it0s hidden among the thick and dense trees. The green spaces create a charming environment. We utilize an area of 1500 sqm to build three buildings consisting of 3 floors and 1basement (2 living rooms, dining room, 2 pantry, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms / powder rooms, work spaces, children room, roof terrace, swimming pool, 3 decorative fountains) and 200sqm vertical garden with a koi fish pond.  View more View full description
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