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KONDO MUSEUM, situated near the main gate of Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera Temple, by the Chawan-zaka approach to the temple. It is believed that the ancient city of Kyoto is guarded by four mythological creatures in four separate quarters. The area surrounding the temple is called Higashiyama district. This eastern region of Kyoto has long been known as a holy place of pristine water under the reign of Seiryu, the azure dragon and guardian of the city’s east. In this sacred area, a traditional local craft, known as Kiyomizu ceramics has continued to evolve since the Edo period. This museum was originally established in commemoration of Yuzo Kondo, the renowned master of Kiyomizu ceramics. Our project was to refurbish this memorial museum. The memorial museum was reborn as KONDO MUSEUM, featuring several major ceramic works crafted by Yuzo Kondo, Living National Treasure in the field of blue and white ceramics. Aside from Yuzo’s works, KONDO MUSEUM features the work of three of his descendants: his eldest son Yutaka Kondo, his second son Jun Kondo, and his grandson Takahiro Kondo, who also receives international acclaim for his artwork. View more View full description
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