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Client’s requirement/Design challenge:The brief called for two different approaches. The core concept was to replace just some of the existing buildings with new structures, and to revitalise the remaining buildings. In the other concept, the architects were asked to ignore the existing constraints and consider the consequences of erecting a totally new building.schneider+schumacher’s design concept unites both these approaches by creating a coherent programme for phasing the construction work. The idea won unanimous approval from both the jury and the local politicians and convinced them to rebuild not just a few of the buildings, but the entire school. Designer’s vision:“A school is not solely a place of learning but also a place of meeting and connecting. Therefor the design of Teda School tries to combine functional elements, like classrooms, through an open and modern 180-metre long hallway.Like a backbone this hallway links the different parts of the school’s body with each other, as well as giving students a space to interact.” View more View full description
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