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Inventronics Electric Vehicle Charging Station is located to the north of the base building at headquarters of Inventronics in Hangzhou. It is a demonstration example of photovoltaic conversion charging technology of the enterprise as well as a public supporting facility for public in the area. Architects are required to build a pilot charging station which can not only match with the electric vehicle background, but also be built as quickly as traditional petrol station in a standardized way.  Usually, “electricity” is neither visible nor touchable. However, the major product of this experimental project focuses on LED photoelectricity driving. Therefore, kinds of photosystems driven by electricity become the major visible language carrier of this architecture design, which conveys the quiet trend of conversing from traditional fossil energy driving to new energy driving. Strategies of standard construction, technology hybrid, and being open-minded are implemented to go with the construction, structure, and form of the charging station.  View more View full description
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