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The new office of Bi An Tian is relocated in the C3 area of the Ji Li International Art Zone, Chaoyang district of Beijing, whose animation film “big fish and begonia” won the best animation at the 15th Budapest international animation festival in 2017. The new office space was selected in an old plant with 9m-storey height. While retaining the original walled structure of the factory building, new foundation was provided to ensure stability. The interior new steel structure is added to articulate the new functions without interrupting the overall industrial atmosphere. As the district is full of plants in a grey color, the new façade is painted in white color and extended to the indoor space, with collocation of wood texture, to deliver the transparent and pure feeling. The team is formed of young film makers as a big family, who often spend their time working whole night in the studio. New office space is set to fulfill different filmmaking target groups. Film production workflow is divided into three sections, which is the pre, mid and final stage. The pre-production section requires free air that can lead to the creative thinking. The mid-term section comprised of main parts of production teams, which demands the flexibility and openness. Final production stage requires strict control of skylight burst through interior space. View more View full description
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