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Overall ConceptionAlong with its historical buildings and adjacent parks, the chateau has created an entirely unique complex for centuries. Our design works from the idea of the rooms - spaces, which are defined by the individual buildings of the chateau hill. To support this reflection and to define more clearly the individual spaces, we have added two new objects to the existing configuration of buildings. The first is the bench set between the entrance courtyard and the farm courtyard. The second is a pavilion with a children’s program, located between the carriage house and the chateau. The other solutions of the building are reconstructed and a new function is set into them, which means also a new life for the chateau hill. Our conception starts from the monument preservation and architectural singularity of the complex, which we respect as a whole and supplement it only in some places. The newly inserted elements clearly differ from the existing historical parts. All of the new features are designed as a combination of steel and a light-amber translucent laminate. It was about putting a piece of jewellery on the chateau hill, which would have its magic corresponding to this environment. View more View full description
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