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This house is located about 50km south of Lima. The proximity to the city makes the client seeing himself living permanently here in the near future, That made us think of a house on the beach for the winter and the summer assuming a relationship with the sea that could be or very expansive or rather withdrawn ; a more exterior or more interior experiences according to the time of year. This duality is clearly visible in the presence of a more intimate garden opposite the view to the open ocean or an outdoor pool parallel to the horizon that intersects perpendicularly with a temperate inner pool which, becomes a winter cave with a more restricted view of the sea. This duality and multiplicity are organized in a "promenade architecture" that connects all these spaces visually through a tour that runs throughout the house. An access to the upper street bordering the forest gives way to a glass bridge when entering, where one sees the interior water two floors below or the marine horizon in front. View more View full description
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