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The JCândido Building is situated at Zamenhoff Street, a peaceful street and predominant residential in the capital of south of Brazil. The project began to show up in 2015, 20 months before to be absolutely given to the residents. The program was created from the front land limitations. A really small dimension, of just 13,5 meters, considering that the idea was a construction with retreat sideways. That would allow openings all over the lateral façade, impacting considerably the cross-ventilations and natural light gains in the units. The type plan is composed of two units and a vertical circulation between them. Also, on the last floor, there are two duplex with penthouse, which complete the proposed program of 10 units. A front garden, with no grid protection, is kind of a gift to the city. By the way, as soon as you get in front of the building or walking on the street, you run into a graphite art which was developed by Paxart. On the ground floor, there is the main entrance and some parking lots at the back of the ground, and a parking underground enough space providing greater comfort. View more View full description
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