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This 17-storey apartment building is located in a prominent position at St Kilda Junction, a busy intersection used by cars, trucks, buses, cyclists and trams. Skirted by an eclectic mix of built forms - medium and high-rise buildings, street signs and billboards - the site is best described as an area to “drive through”, a gateway to the popular tourism attractions of St Kilda, Luna Park and Melbourne’s bayside suburbs.   While the formal composition of The Icon recalls a child playing with building blocks for the first time, it is in fact a highly considered assemblage of irregularly stacked boxes. The varied heights of the boxes provide an abstract connection between the building and its surrounding built context within this highly urbanised setting. On the lower levels, the blocks are arranged to engage directly with the heights of neighbouring buildings. The stacking effect resonates with the rising hillside of jumbled built forms directly to the south, providing datum points of reference from which future built forms can respond. View more View full description
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