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Lievito is designed as a place to meet, to share and to taste. A new restaurant for socializing while sharing slices of gourmet pizza and enjoying a glass of wine in a space defined by grey stone volumes and brass details. The property venue is a long strip that stretches from a lobby of a hotel on the south side to a big opening on the north side, facing a river. Along this stretch the design creates different environments - from very public to very intimate spaces - to offer various atmospheres to the customers, following the natural light access in the space. The big, fully operable folding window in the north is inviting guests to the restaurant’s bar and aperitivo area. This space is dominated by a free standing stone bar counter enlightened by the insertion of a brass screen. The bar area is lightly furnished to offer space for any form of socialisation. A step up, armchairs creating a lounge area next to the window, which can be easily extended to the terraces due to the fully operable folding window. View more View full description
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