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‘AP House’ bears witness to the rebirth of an ancient rural hamlet situated on the top of one of the highest hills in Urbino, highly esteemed for its landscape and environment. The new system of buildings stands on ancient remains dating back to Medieval Communes. Linked to each other on the hypogeum level, the structures rest on a red concrete platform (38 X 20 mt) dominating the surrounding landscape. The core of the houses, which forms a single housing unit, restablishes a central role to this site in the landscape, restoring a direct and empathic dialogue between new buildings and historical stratification. The structures, in their stone shell, free from any superfetations such as gutters or drainpipes andin their measured proportions, are offered to the landscape as pure, discreet and silent artifacts recovering their identity and affinity with the rural cultural matrix of the place. View more View full description
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