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Kleinewelt Architekten in partnership with Citizenstudio / Gorozhane Group, created a re-design proposal for the Northern River Boat Station Park, also known as the Park of Five Seas, in Moscow. Built in the 1930’s, the current park is supposed to act as the city’s gateway to the five seas: the White, Baltic, Black, Azov, and Caspian Sea. However, the park is removed from city life and separates Moscow from it’s historic waterways. The two primary project goals are the restoration of the existing terminal building and pathways, as well as an architectural intervention, creating a new park experience. In order to connect the city to the river, and create new life within the park, the designers overlaid the existing orthogonal grid with the geographical form of Russia’s river system. The design maintains the original, simple park structure and main axis, which connects the city to the river, while adding a new thematic route. View more View full description
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