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Hegnhuset is a learning, communication and memorial house for the brutal incident that happened on July 22 on Utøya. The building contains a story of both survival and death: We have preserved the parts of the building that were directly affected, while at the same time retaining the restrooms that served as safe hiding places. Over the remains of the old cafe building a second building envelope was added as a protective cover. The new building body was laid in a distorted angle, in the same axis as the other new buildings we have erected on Utøya. It is carefully placed to avoid the places where people lost their lives. It represents and clarifies change, a new historical layer and a new chapter on the island’s history. 69 pillars of wood that support the building’s roof defines the room and represent those who died on July 22nd. Around these 69 columns there are 495 smaller outer poles which create a safe, guarding fence around the interior. By number it represent those who survived the tragedy on Utøya and who will carry thoughts and memories of this day for the rest of their lives. View more View full description
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