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The whitewashed boxy architecture stands out conspicuously along a street of nondescript houses, differentiating itself from the neighbors with its clean white façade with precise edges. Home to a floriculture enthusiast and her family, this house sets out to fulfill the brief of amalgamating both quality living spaces and ample outdoor areas all around the house. Inspired by the fundamentals of block building, the architecture is conceived by the thoughtful placement of volumes stacking upon one another. Besides creating bold spatial depth to the façade, the dynamic composition of such volumes also resulted in pockets of lush greenery intertwining with various living spaces. This deliberate planning bridges nature and living, and blurs the indoors and the outdoors. Three elements – whitewashed walls, timber and greenery, are present throughout the house, tying them closely to the given brief by the client – minimal, earthy yet impactful. The balance of material establishes a cohesive outlook - with the greens softening the robust edges of the stacked volumes and timber complementing both elements overall. Tropical chengal hardwood cladded steel canopies were placed strategically at various openings to frame the intended views of the lush surroundings, while chengal screens were deployed to filter the harsh sunlight as well as to provide privacy for the family. View more View full description
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