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A Poetic SpaceHall of Literature exhibits the research achievements of the renowned contemporary Chinese educator Hong Zongli in mother-tongue education and the Chinese textbooks compiled, serving as a base for exhibition, exchange and research activities related to Chinese education in high school. Garden of Chinese Classics provides space for displaying ancient Chinese cultural and academic achievements. Therefore, an integrated design of Hall of Literature and Hall of Chinese Classics is conducted with reference to the characteristics of traditional Chinese gardens. Four major elements, namely pavilion, terrace, building and cloisters are used to form the integrated layout of a museum and a building. Hall of Literature appears like a floating wooden box, with the building facade clad with wood-like hollowed aluminum panels. When the night falls and the lights are on, the whole building resembles a floating lantern emanating tranquility and haziness. Words of a paragraph on mother-tongue education written by Mr. Hong Zongli are destructed and then reconstructed into hollowed patterned symbols which hollowed out in the building facades. Sunshine flood in via the hollowed words casting shadow inside the room, as if writing poems and articles on the walls. Hollowed metal panels and louvers are used to form indoor space full of plays between the light and the shadow in the entire Hall of Literature. With modern architectural techniques, traditional culture is interpreted to create building of distinct features of traditional culture. View more View full description
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