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The site is at Fukushima city in Fukushima prefecture. I had a plan to build my house on the site that my family owns. The site was a piece of bare land burned down by fire. It happened a half year after The Great East Japan Earthquake. After the earthquake, I suffered a down turn in my life. For example, the damage due to the earthquake in Fukushima and the resulting nuclear pollution caused by it was devastating. In addition, my grandmother’s death has affected my personal life. In the midst of that situation, I envisioned an open Architecture. I thought about the relationship between nature and architecture, where and how to place the cube geometrically. The internal wall creates an abundance of life and relates it seamlessly to the external wall. Providing a flexible finishing touch to the external wall, for the surface I used clapboard. In the inside, by representing a frame work of conventional wooden architecture, it made possible to create space and atmosphere of a folk dwelling. View more View full description
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