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Ling Institute building, located at a corner in the neighborhood of Três Figueiras, in Porto Alegre, is a volume that, seen from the street, is low and slightly raised from the soil, as an object hovering amidst the garden. The main façade, to the southeast, is practically solid – the one opening is the entry door, accessible through a winding ramp that rises above the garden. In contrast, the southwest façade is lighter and more transparent, with vertical fins to control the lighting from the inside. From the entrance and moving forward, visitors go along a succession of galleries. They give access, at different points, to the reception, the store, the café and a small area for exhibitions, before getting to the auditorium lobby. Each section along that gallery opens differently to the exterior, devised as to control the incoming light, according to its intended use. Thus, the first stretch receives screened lighting, through the vertical fins/glass panes mounted on the façade – the reception and store are in this section. View more View full description
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