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The incorporation of the human figure is one of the most effective tools used in architectural photography: it helps the viewer decipher the scale of work and assess its amplitude. While it successfully communicates a rough idea of the measurements of the elements in the picture, it also helps architecture become more relatable and accessible. People engage better with the built environment when it is populated, mainly because the human sense of society and community is the cornerstone of our civilization. With this in mind, we are showcasing a selection of our favorite photographs where the human figure takes center stage, enhancing our reading of architecture. Human Scale in Parks Due to the size of parks and landscapes projects, it is hard to give a proper sense of the scale when taking photographs. There are a lot of elements that can help to have a better understanding of the proportions of an intervention, but capturing the space with people is the most efficient way to help the viewer have a point of reference.   View more View full description
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