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The client, in his early fifties gentleman running a local business, bought a land near a scenic lakeside in Asan city. When we visited the site with him, tall and handsome pine trees were standing around the lengthy perimeter of the site. It was impressive to feel the dramatic contrast between the horizontal line of the sweeping water in front of the land and the vertical lines formed by the pine trees stretching to the sky. First of all, we drew the land on the paper. Sketching the land is to understand the characteristics of the land. We draw the land, landscape, trees and grass, sunshine and shadow, and through these activities we discover the ‘line’ which forms the foundation of the house. The client explained his life and preferences. He wanted an open space for the kitchen and dining room for visitors, and an extra guestroom. And he wanted to listen to the music undisrupted in his separate music saloon. View more View full description
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